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On 10, Feb 2014 | In | By Vicky Terrier

Web Design

When designing websites, my goal is to balance aesthetics, content, usability and functionality. A successful website will look good and deliver information by being visually coherent and technically sound. It should reaffirm your brand’s voice and gently guide visitors toward a desired action.

By focusing on usability first, I keep sites intuitive and easy to understand. Once the site structure is set, I design the website to appeal to your target audience. I make sure that the content is easy to read and add clear call-to-actions. The final product leaves site visitors at ease so they can enjoy your website comfortably. Below are some samples of my web design work for you to check out.

law firm website design

Law Firm Website Design

As part of a rebranding project, I gave this law firm a sophisticated new look for their website. By presenting their core values in the homepage slideshow, I established the new brand while giving the firm’s clients a sense of familiarity. The site is easy to navigate and includes detailed information on their attorneys and practices.

marketing agency inside page

Design for Marketing Website

This is my previous portfolio site, designed in Dreamweaver with a bold, energetic vibe. I kept the composition simple and stark with vibrant colors and images. The tone of this website design is assertive, young and playful. The orange and blue call-to-action buttons are direct and accessible on all pages.

Surf Camp Website Design

Surf Camp Website Design

This surf camp in Costa Rica wanted a design concept that was adventurous, authentic and fun. So instead of using stock photography on their homepage banner, I kept it fun and authentic by using an image of one of their surf instructors shredding a sick Costa Rican wave.