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Packaging Design Packaging Design Packaging Design Packaging Design packaging cosmetic products

On 10, Feb 2014 | In | By Vicky Terrier

Packaging Design

When designing packaging, my objective is to deliver attractive yet highly-functional packaging that represents the brand. Whether I’m designing bottles, boxes, jars, tubes or the point of purchase displays to showcase these products, the packaging should appeal to consumers and persuade them to buy.

Packaging design is used for everything under the sun including consumer goods, food, beverages, supplements, cosmetics and more. As one of the more technical forms of graphic design, designing packaging requires excellent production skills, attention to detail and a firm understanding of the target demographic. Every aspect of the design should be tailored to attract the consumer, from the shape, logo and colors to the artwork, messaging and typography.

It is important for the package to be sturdy enough to be shipped easily and also show well once it is on display. Ultimately, a well-designed package will establish the brand while
projecting the impression of superior quality and value. Below is a case study on my packaging design.


Promotional Display for Cosmetic Brand

The goal of this packaging design project was to promote this cosmetic line by offering a box of makeup samples with directions on proper use. The packet included a brief bio on the makeup artist, so I reinforced her brand by using her established fonts and textures. I featured the brand’s bright pink color prominently to draw attention and designed the display to entice consumers to reach for the easily accessible cosmetic samples.

However, packaging design is more than just making something look pretty. For example, this promotional display was designed with numerous flaps, slots and tabs that required a fair amount of production skills. Additionally, it was designed to be cost-effective and easy to set up anywhere, from cosmetic stores and shopping malls to your local pharmacy. By keeping this display thin and lightweight, it gave the stores that featured it a great deal of flexibility. More importantly, this point of sale display elevated the brand while effectively promoting their cosmetic products.