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Logo Design Logo Design Logo Design Logo Design Logo Design

On 10, Feb 2014 | In | By Vicky Terrier

Logo Design

As the most important visual element of a brand, logos should be unique, eye-catching and recognizable. A well-designed logo allows your brand to make a strong first impression, appeal to your target audience and attract new clients. For those already familiar with your company, your logo can boost brand recognition while communicating your business’ core values.

A great logo is not only pleasing to the eye but it is also adaptable across multiple mediums – from full-color signage and black-and-white print ads to online graphics and two-color embroidery. If it’s not, just imagine the branding nightmare when your new logo doesn’t show well on the embroidered polo shirt for your company’s golf tournament or in the newspaper ad promoting the event. When designing a logo, I pay special attention to these details to ensure that your logo gives you the flexibility that you need now and in the future.

As an experienced logo designer that specializes in branding and production, I’ve designed strong logos that define brands and reproduce well in different mediums. I’ve included a few case studies below that show my attention to detail during the logo design process.

Bistro Logo

Logo Design for Miami Bistro

South Miami locals sit under the colorful patio umbrellas and enjoy delicious meals at this charming cafe. When designing this logo, I highlighted this charm by using the umbrella icon, a playful font and a colorful palette. The simple shapes and warm colors reproduced well on signs, servers’ uniforms, printed menus and more.

nursery logo design

Logo Design for Nursery

This local nursery was named after the owners’ young daughter. It was important to respect their taste for clean lines and bold shapes while expressing the concepts of growth, commitment and care. This logo reproduced well in both black-and-white and color on silkscreened shirts, delivery trucks, storefront signage and more.

retail logo

Logo for Sneaker Collection

After years of privately collecting rare sneakers, this passionate sneakerhead wanted to unveil his extensive collection of high-end Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. After creating the Sole Force 1 brand name, I designed the logo using a vibrant orange and a graphic icon of a sneaker sole to draw attention and define the brand.

pastry company logo

Logo Design for Pastry Shop

The owners of this mom-and-pop pastry shop were South Florida locals and proud of it. They offered sweet treats ranging from key lime pies to key lime cookies. This icon was hand-drawn to give this off-beat pastry shop the artisanal, hand-crafted look they wanted. A unique font also added to the fun and fresh feel of this logo.