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Icons + Maps + Infographic Design Icons + Maps + Infographic Design Icons + Maps + Infographic Design Icons + Maps + Infographic Design

On 10, Feb 2014 | In | By Vicky Terrier

Icons + Maps + Infographic Design

Due to our hectic lives and constant use of the web, many people see things differently than before. Since our marketing messages are competing against many others for an audience’s limited attention, these messages need to be strong, clear, focused and easy to consume. Savvy graphic designers use infographics, maps and icons to draw more attention and communicate big chunks of information at a glance.

I enjoy using these data visualization techniques to help break up content into smaller digestible sections that are more compelling and enticing to read. Icons and infographics are one of my go-to tools to establish hierarchy and visual interest in a piece. In the examples below, I used icons, maps and snapshot infographics to visually represent information and highlight the most important content.

icon and infographic design for fitness article

Graphics add depth + dimension

By using icons and graphic elements when designing this print layout, I was able to emphasize the most useful stats while improving visual interest and breaking up long blocks of copy. I designed this artwork in Illustrator and brought it to inDesign to lay out the spreads. When using prominent visual elements, I try to balance out the design by keeping the typography simple and easy to read.

map design for doctor directory

Maps + graphics focus attention

We worked on a cosmetic surgeon directory for a beauty magazine and I wanted to deliver something more compelling than just a list of doctors with contact information. In this design, I used a map and snapshot infographic to highlight the doctors’ locations and a supporting industry stat. Photographs of the doctors and the pop of color added warmth to this design.