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Email + Banner Design Email + Banner Design Email + Banner Design Email + Banner Design Email + Banner Design

On 10, Feb 2014 | In | By Vicky Terrier

Email + Banner Design

Emails and banner ads are critical components of a solid online marketing strategy. As people spend more and more time online on their computers, smartphones and tables, it becomes increasingly important to stay in front of your target audience with relevant offers and messages.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a qualified audience online, especially if you have your own email lists. By targeting a specific demographic or interest, you can send a relevant message in a beautifully designed email that strikes a chord. And email marketing doesn’t always need to be about leads and sales. Many businesses increase customer retention, loyalty and engagement by communicating regularly with their customers via e-newsletters, email invitations and announcements.

Banner ads are another easy way to increase your brand’s online visibility and drive potential customers to your website. When designing web banners, I focus on creating banners that will catch your eye and represent the brand well even when placed on different websites. Please take a look at some examples of my email designs below.

graphic design for email announcements and email invitations

Announcements + invitations

Sending announcement and invitation emails allowed us to update our customers in a direct and inexpensive way. Depending on the event, I customized the colors, artwork and typography in our email invitations to set an appropriate mood. In this example, I used a thin, elegant font and a rich cranberry color to appeal to our sophisticated audience.

subscription email design for summer specials

Email blasts drive more business

We created seasonal promotions to drive more customers to our site and increase sales. Since the message was short and sweet, I used bold typography and fun colors to draw attention to the headline and offer. The call-to-action button was also highlighted by using a dominant orange and giving it room to breath in the negative space.