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Brochure Design Brochure Design Brochure Design Brochure Design Brochure Design

On 10, Feb 2014 | In | By Vicky Terrier

Brochure Design

A well-designed brochure is a powerful marketing tool that presents your company’s services and capabilities. It reinforces your brand by consistently conveying your core values and competitive advantage. Your firm’s brochure gives you an opportunity to create a lasting impression by showing your expertise in the most favorable light.

For effective marketing, it is important to use the right mix of mediums available to you. A brochure serves as an offline compliment to your website and effectively reinforces your other marketing materials. Hand out your brochure to prospects or use it as a leave-behind piece that speaks highly of your products or services in your absence. Establish your brand and gain credibility with a beautiful brochure design.

skincare brochure

Beauty + wellness booklet

This promotional booklet for a beauty and wellness magazine was a lot of fun to develop. Designed in the same size as a Zagat guide, this compact beauty resource guide features in-depth information on makeup, skin care, anti-aging, hair, smile and body. As a bonus, it includes tips from beauty industry experts such as celebrity aestheticians, makeup artists, hairstylists and dermatologists. The typography is clean and easy to read with pull quotes and interesting facts.

hard cover book on brand development

Brand development book

This book on law firm branding was named the 2006 Business Breakthrough Book of the Year by the Independent Publisher Book Awards. Our objective was to help small to mid-size law firms develop and implement an effective branding strategy. The challenge was create a look that would be visually stimulating while presenting the information in a way that was easy to read. I used various typography treatments, layout compositions, papers and printing technics to achieve just that.