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Branding Branding Branding Branding Branding

On 10, Feb 2014 | In | By Vicky Terrier


Branding is the foundation of all your marketing communication. A strong brand is invaluable in today’s competitive market. It’s important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand.

Other companies in your niche want to stand out as well. A recognizable and memorable brand is one of the most important ways of setting yourself apart and showing your competitive advantage. With an effective branding strategy in place, you can consistently position your business to increase awareness and reach in your market.

Building a brand doesn’t just happen overnight. As the foundation of all your marketing communications, your brand should reflect your business’ core values and reaffirm your commitment when engaging your target market. Clearly present your message and strengthen your branding by strategically reinforcing elements such as your logo, color palette, typography, layout and slogan on your marketing materials – from business cards, letterhead and brochures to websites, signage and advertising.

Your brand should not only be recognizable, but it should also set you apart from your competitors. Your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer.

travel and hospitality brand

Surfing and ecotourism market.

I wanted to give the brand a look of adventure, authenticity and fun. Actual photos were used from the excursions, surfing instructors and the environment on all the marketing materials from the small rack cards in surf shops to the main website. I also combined the images with illustrations for a fun and quirky feel.

Law Firm Branding

Sophisticated law firm.

This law firm wanted to portray themselves as an authority in their industry. While giving them a nimble and contemporary look, it was important to give their clients a since of comfort, familiarity and traditional values. This was achieved by using sophisticated colors, classic images and clean typography.

restaurant bistro brand

Fun and lively local bistro!

Serving up great good food in a fun and fresh atmosphere, it was vital to give the menus, uniforms, business cards, even restaurant decor a playful look. Woking with an illustrator on original artwork, we use them on all marketing materials from menus, signage to artwork for the interior of the bistro.

catering company

Fresh food delivered daily.

This catering service wanted to appeal to people with sophisticated tastes that pursued healthy lifestyles. With that in mind, the focus was to develop a vibrant brand with a clean, fresh look. Unique illustrations with bright colors and white negative space entice the appetite and give the marketing materials an inviting, youthful feeling of wholesomeness.