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By Vicky Terrier

Hi there!

On 06, Jun 2014 | In Graphic Design | By Vicky Terrier

Thanks for taking the time to visit my graphic design blog and portfolio site.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work on many fun projects and learn a few things about marketing, branding and graphic design. On this blog, I will be sharing graphic design resources and tips that I’ve found useful. I will also get up on my little soapbox to praise marketing campaigns that strike my fancy and dish out the dirt when I spot epic marketing fails.

Good designers should do more than just sprinkle pixie dust on things to make them pretty. We understand branding and how it relates to marketing. We recognize the value of pleasing aesthetics and strong messaging. We know the difference between lavender and periwinkle. Ok, maybe that last one is not so important but you get the idea. I am passionate about marketing and graphic design and I am here to help.